A Kiwi, a Scot and a Pom walk into a bar...

Welcome to the Coalition

It might sound like the start of a joke, but in reality it's the beginning of our story.

Three guys, passionate about beer, joined together to create Coalition Brewing.

Our  manifesto: Create beers that not only reflect the brewing heritages of our home nations and our own tastes, but that also appeal to anybody who loves a damn good pint - full of flavour and short on attitude.

We come from three very different business backgrounds, having respectively founded and run a chain of gourmet coffee shops, introduced and sold global alcohol brands to the UK market, and published books as subjects as diverse as  Formula 1 to spiritual guidance.

The thing that unites us, of course, is beer. We are fanatics - unapologetically so! Having watched the rapid evolution of today's craft beer industry, we knew that it was something that we all wanted to be involved in, and 2 years ago we formed a company and set about making it happen.

Our first offering, Unity lager, is currently on tap and in bottle at multiple London venues. Our second and third offerings launched in the autumn of 2018 - Grains of Paradise Pale Ale and Zen Pale Ale - and we're already well on the way to developing our fourth!

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You must be of legal drinking age to consume Unity Lager or any other alcoholic beverages by Coalition Brewing Co Ltd. Please drink responsibily: www.drinkaware.co.uk

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