Grains of Paradise by Coalition Brewing Co is a light, refreshing, aromatic pale ale with satisfying hints of ginger, cardamom and pepper made in collaboration with Berber & Q - an East London restaurant group specialising in exquisite grilled and smoked meats cooked over charcoal.

Grains of Paradise come from a leafy plant common to West Africa. The name was coined by spice traders in the middle ages who claimed that these special peppers only grew in Eden, and that they were collected as they floated down the rivers out of paradise.

As an added bonus, Grains of Paradise Pale Ale is naturally gluten free (gluten is removed during the brewing process) and is 100% vegan/vegetarian.


Style: Pale Ale. Unpasteurised.
ABV: 4.5%.

IBUs: 30.

Malts: Pale Ale. Crystal Malt.

Hops: Admiral. Golding.

Made with Grains of Paradise.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Gluten free.

A refreshing pale ale...

Grains of Paradise

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