Unity Lager

Beautifully crafted beer...

Unity Lager by Coalition Brewing Co is a beautifully crafted, refreshing and easy drinking lager brewed to celebrate the very best of the brewer’s craft.

The three of us that make up Coalition Brewing Co hail from New Zealand, England and Scotland respectively and we wanted to reflect the brewing heritages of our home nations in Unity Lager.

New Zealand Motueka hops imbue Unity Lager with a unique zest, while British Admiral hops add a richness to the brew.


We also sourced the best European ingredients from German lager yeast to Czech Sladek hops and spent 18 months developing the final product to guarantee the perfect balance between flavour and mouthfeel to ensure Unity Lager drinks deliciously, regardless of your beer experience - whether you consider yourself to be the most inexperienced lager drinker or the most devoted craft ale enthusiast.

Style: Lager. Unpasteurised.
ABV: 4.5%.

IBUs: 19.

Malts: Lager. Caragold. Wheatmalt.
Hops: Admiral. Sladek. Hallertau Hersbrucker. Motueka.
Suitable for vegans and vegetarians.

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You must be of legal drinking age to consume Unity Lager or any other alcoholic beverages by Coalition Brewing Co Ltd. Please drink responsibily: www.drinkaware.co.uk

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