Zen Pale Ale

Infused with green tea...

Zen Pale Ale by Coalition Brewing Co is an enticing blend of classic British pale ale and exceptional Japanese Okumidori Kabusecha Green Tea sourced from the best tea specialists around - Lalani & Co.

Kabusecha is a tea which ranks above sencha in Japanese teas. Kabusecha is only grown in the spring season, under the shade and is of pure Okumidori varietal. Like wine, tea has varietals. Okumidori is clean and smooth, with an impressively long finish that gives Zen Pale Ale its unique flavour.

As an added bonus, Zen Pale Ale is made with organically grown ingredients, is naturally gluten free (gluten is removed during the brewing process) and is 100% vegan/vegetarian.


Style: Pale Ale. Unpasteurised.
ABV: 4.5%.

IBUs: 30.

Malts: Pale Ale. Crystal Malt.

Hops: Admiral. Golding.

Made with Okumidori Kabusecha Green Tea.

Suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Organic. Gluten free.

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